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written on 26/February/20 03:27

Being a re-seller, few questions always create a sea wave in your brain like what to sell on amazon to make money? And, what are the best products to sell on Amazon? Really it is a tedious task for you.

Amazon is a pool of products and finding good products for your list could be a tedious task. Trust me, from experienced to beginner, everyone struggles to find that best niche of profitable products.

Let’s find out more in this article, I’m going to tell you what are the best niche categories and the best products to sell on Amazon .

Find the Top Selling Categories on Amazon

items to sell on amazon

Amazon always curates an updated list of best-selling products which can range from the category of books to toys, it may be some time grocery to video games. You will be surprised to know this. This best-selling list gets hourly updated sometimes.

Don’t worry, we have picked up a few  best things to sell on Amazon.  You can make your own Wishlist of the best products to sell on Amazon. Here are the few recommendations -

Sell Books on Amazon

If you are a new seller on Amazon then “books” can be an awesome choice for you. On Amazon, books are an immensely popular product category.

We can easily find the new release books, some older classics, and bestsellers. These all are normally not very expensive. To maximize your profit as a bookseller on Amazon, find some source to buy cheap books and then you can resell them on Amazon.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewellery

Fashion is the most popular category on Amazon but this category is over-saturated with available articles. Most shoppers don’t look for any expensive brands, as they look for discounted and unbranded products.

Being a reseller or seller, it’s important to ensure that you’re offering something outstanding and for an unbelievably competitive in price.

Electronics can be a good choice

Yes, for sure, electronics are a popular category on Amazon. This category actually displays very competitive prices for some of the world’s most popular electronic items. Being a reseller, this category is really a promising one. Selling electronics can be a good choice but you have to purchase them in bulk.

Toys and Games Category

Well, this category is a rising product selling category on Amazon. As online toy sale is on the rise. You can easily break into this market as options are not limited in this category. 

Few games like; Jenga and Cards against humanity are trending over the Amazon, so make a choice here as a reseller and earn more profit.

If you can set your foot in this niche, definitely you will get a loyal fan base for your products. It will also raise your customer base.

Though it is not that easy to enter this niche since many big brands are already dominating it. But still, you can give tough competition by offering a competitive price and excellent quality.

Select What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Selection of  what to sell on Amazon  is the most difficult and annoying part of your current Amazon FBA strategy.

To earn great profits, you have to select the right product to sell on Amazon . So, in this process of reselling product, selection plays an important role. Wrong product selection won’t help you to earn the profit.

Read more and understand how to select the  best items to sell on Amazon which might help you get excellent ROI:

Let’s find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Let me tell you one thing, before jumping in the pool of reselling, it is really important to understand the process.

Do complete research about Amazon seller fees  and product shipping costs. Once you are done with this, you can estimate the overall required to be cost. This analysis will give you a clear picture of the required money based on the selected product or item. 

Always select lightweight products as they reduce the shipping cost and maximize the profits. While making your decisions, keep in mind that most profitable products are sold in between the range of $10 to $50. Select the product according to your budget and plans. 

With such products, you will still end up making more profits.

Three methods to analyze  the best products to sell on Amazon :

1. Conduct a Manual Search on Amazon:

Manual research sounds a bit old school but it is actually very effective for the product selection process.

Start your manual search with mostly purchased products and best-selling category on Amazon. 

If you are checking for best-seller products then you might want to check for the “customer also bought” section. Here you will get a broader spectrum of similar items.

Now your list is ready. Next exercise is to check the search volume for selected products. By planner, you can check the exact demand for selected items.

2. Chrome Extension – Best Tool to Research Products / Items available Niche Market:

Other than keyword planner, we have a widely used tool named as “Chrome extensions”. This is a very popular way to complete the keyword search on Amazon with IO Scout Amazon seller tools.

To understand the monthly sales volume, you can take help from IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and IO Scout chrome extension . These tools are actually data bots that can help you to understand product characteristics. With Chrome extensions, you can track monthly sales volume and overall competition for the products.

Though these tools are mostly paid and expensive, you can find the one which suits your budget.

3. Low Competition Products:

If you want to achieve the desired sales goals, then products with low competition can deliver the best results. Products with high search volume reduce your chance to stand out. Fewer competition products ensure more searchers, which means more sales opportunities. 

We can understand this with one example: If you want to sell products on Amazon with any specific niche like books. The search term is “Recipe books” and it has total searches over 75,000, definitely competition is huge. At the same time, if you are using the term “Recipe book for oil-free cooking”, maybe it has less search volume and you can rank your product very easily. This might improve your chances of more conversion.

Product Sourcing to Sell on Amazon

To enter any niche category to sell products on Amazon, the most important thing is to find the cheapest product source. You might have to find the best place from where you can get low price products and you can privately label them to resell on Amazon. 

China can be a good option as manufacturing cost is quite low which gives a chance to earn more profits.

Final Thoughts

Within this article, we have explained the ways to find a niche category to sell products on Amazon. It is really important to find a niche category to become a successful Amazon Reseller. You have to put your all efforts to prove that the item you are planning to sell is unique. We believe the above-defined tips are useful for you to find  the best products to sell on Amazon.


1. How to become a successful reseller of products on Amazon?

To become successful, you require the right strategy and select the right products. If you have chosen the right product, you will be getting good profits.

2. How much profit can Amazon sellers make?

By selecting the correct article, Any Amazon seller can earn profits up to $50,000/month, but it may vary product to product and seller to seller.

3. What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

To sell your products on Amazon, you need to select an Amazon’s professional selling plan. This plan is available for only $39.99/month which is a subscription fee. Other than this fee you need to pay per item selling fee.

4. How to get the list of most sold items on Amazon?

Do some manual search and find some extension tools to find the most sold items of Amazon. Among all the available products, Alexa TV remote and Amazon Echo Dot was the most sold items on Amazon.


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