Viral Launch Review

written on 03/March/20 06:11

As many would guess from the name, Viral Launch is a dedicated application that enables you to make your listing viral. Whether it's sourcing the right item, conducting thorough research about it, targeting accurate keywords, or anything else- this tool will assist you to meet any and every goal. 

What Does it Do?

Like we told you already, Viral launch market intelligence tool is designed to help you target proper products that can indeed drive profits. This is also a great software for launching successful Amazon campaigns, and given the incredible benefits it comes to offer, we'd surely vouch for it. Both the extension and the website application are easy to handle, and as they come to offer incredible advantages, we'd recommend it to almost every budding and experienced amazon marketer. 

What's the Cost? 

As with several other product researching software of a similar kind, this application is available at different packages. You can check the features of the packages and examine what they come to offer before finalizing an option. The first package starts from $40 a month and it is tailored for those individuals who haven't yet launched any listing on Amazon. The second package is priced at $66 and it is catered to budding brands that want to establish a solid digital presence. The third option is for the bigger companies who are driven to take up the majority of the market share. You can avail this service at $100 every month. Finally, the costliest plan of the lot is available at $160 per month. This one is ideal for established organizations that want to boost their overall organic traffic. You can also individually check every plan to understand what exactly they are offering at the moment. 

Viral Launch

What Solutions Can I Get? 

The viral-launch tool comes with an incredible range of solutions. Keep reading the following section for a closer and deeper peek. 

Kinetic PPC

Do you want to drive maximum revenues from your pay per click campaigns? If your answer to this question is yes, this is one tweak you will absolutely love. Thanks to this tweak, you can now instantly check more data. The result: as a merchant you'll have maximum control over how a specific campaign is performing.

Finding Right Products

If you haven't ventured into Amazon marketing, you probably want to know which are the best products for more revenues. This is what the Viral launch product discovery tool will inform you. Use this feature to find out about the most profitable products in your respective niche. The results generated are tried, tested, and completely accurate. 

Checking Out Keywords

Finding and targeting the most ideal keywords isn't easy. Things are especially difficult on Amazon's marketplace as you're now trying to compete with hundreds of products from sellers across the globe. This is where the keyword finding tool of this application will come to play. Simply use this feature for finding and using the most accurate keywords against your concerned listings. The best part: you can always use this for finding out phrases that are otherwise hidden. 

Performance of Competitors

Do you want to figure out how other sellers are performing with similar listing as yours? In that case, this functionality of competitor performance metrics is exactly what you need. With this amazing tweak, you will get real-time insights into the product ranking and performance of all competitors. 

Optimizing Key Phrases

This is an excellent hack for anyone who wants to optimize their listing with smart, accurate, and ideal keywords. In addition to finding the phrases, this feature will also enable you to optimize it to your listing as and when required. 


Q. Can I Cancel My Subscription? 

A. If you aren't happy with what the application is providing you, you'll always have the option to cancel your current plan. Whether you qualify for the refund will depend on when you make the cancellation. 

Q. Does it have any free trial? 

A. While the company comes with tool-centric trials from time to time, currently they do not have any free trial that is available for a set duration. You need to buy their packages to access the free trials that are available at a limited period of time. 

Q. Are App statistics accurate? 

A. Of course, every statistic shared by viral launch extension and website application is completely accurate. None of these details are inflated. 


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