Amazon Sales Rank for Amazon FBA Sellers – In Intensive Guide

written on 24/February/20 07:12

what is a good amazon sales rank

Having an Amazon sales rank that is in the top 10 of a particular category is what every FBA seller wants. But getting there is not easy, considering that sales, traffic and positive feedback has to be high to achieve this coveted feat. So what does Amazon sales rank mean and how can you improve it? Keep reading to find out.

Defining the Amazon Sales Rank

The Amazon sales rank is a rating from 1 to 1 million+ that shows how popular a product is in a particular category. As for what is a good Amazon sales rank, the lower the rating, the more popular that particular product is. For example, a rating of #3 is better than a rating of #20. 

Of course, popularity in this sense means the product is selling well. It is also an indicator of the interval between the last made a sale, which has to be as low as possible to achieve a lower rank. Also, the rank is updated hourly, meaning ranks are changing all the time.

A single category can have millions of products, which can make it hard for sellers to rank their products. This is especially true for newcomers. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try if you are just starting out – you might get there eventually if you are diligent about it.

Why is the Sales Rank Important for Amazon FBA Sellers?

Another name for the Amazon Sells Rank is the Amazon Best Seller Rank or BSR. Basically, it is an indication of what is hot or what isn’t hot in a particular category. As an FBA seller, this information is important for a number of reasons:

1. Tells Customers What Products Other People Like

As a seller, having a lower sales rank tells potential customers that people like your product. This means they are more likely to buy from you than the competition. Keep in mind that positive feedback is part of the equation when achieving a low Amazon sales rank.

2. Helps New FBA Sellers Know Which Products Are Profitable

Every FBA seller is looking for a product that will make them a profit. What better way to find that product than to look at the Amazon Best Seller List or Amazon Sales Rank Chart? Here, the seller can do additional research to find those products that are profitable but have little competition.

3. Existing FBA Sellers Can Spy on their Competitors

If your competitor has a lower sales rank Amazon than you, it means their product is selling well. You can use this information to spy on them and discover what they’re doing right. 

For example, you can grab their ASIN No and do a reverse ASIN lookup to see which keywords they are using to rank their product listings. Then you can incorporate them into your listing in ways that can surpass theirs in the search results. This could translate into more sales for you.

3 Top Methods for Improving Amazon Sales Rank

You are already on the right track to getting a low rank by being on the FBA program. This makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime. This is great because it means Amazon’s A10 algorithm will favor you over others who aren’t eligible for Prime. And when Prime members filter out non-Prime products, yours will still be in the running.

Other than that, here are a few things you can do to lower you Amazon sales rank:

1. Do Keyword Research

As mentioned earlier, you can obtain your competitor’s keywords and do a reverse ASIN lookup. You can even research to find out which high-volume keywords your competitors are missing. All this will allow you to build a powerful listing that customers will see first before your competitors’ listing, making them more likely to click on yours instead.

Tools you can use for this include:

2. Price Your Products Competitively

If you can risk reducing your profit margin in the short-term to increase your sales rank, then you should. This gamble can increase your sales rank is the long-term, boosting your sales indefinitely.

3. Focus on Positive Feedback

The key here is to provide a quality product that customers love so they return the favor with great feedback. It is also about responding to negative feedback to make things right and minimize its impact on your product rating. This is a long game that requires patience and exceptional customer service delivery.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon sales rank is something that can work for or against you on Amazon. Achieving a lower tank is the best thing you can strive for, especially now that you know what it is and how to improve it.


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